This is just one of many success stories with the Red Bank Real Estate Group at RE/MAX Generations.

"I Hate Brokers!"  Aldo shouted after trying to sell his townhouse for almost two years with no success.  

Almost three years ago, Aldo Sampieri decided to sell his townhouse in Spring Lake Heights and move back to Brooklyn and focus on his art career.  When he made the decision he listened to a friend of his who recommended he meet with Red Bank Real Estate Group.  He met with his friend and RBREG member, Jonathan Bowen at Robinson Ale House in Red Bank to discuss the market analysis that was prepared for his Spring Lake Heights townhome.  What a disaster!

"I hated Jonathan when we first met!  He wasn't afraid to tell me what I didn't want to hear.  Jonathan said I wasn't going to get any offers over $400,000 for my townhouse."

After leaving the lunch meeting Aldo had a decision to make about selling his townhouse.  He decided to put the townhouse on the market with another broker and priced at $459,000.

"I really need to take home at least $410,000 after paying the fees and expenses of selling"

The market, however, had a different idea.  After six months of being on the market, the townhouse had not sold.  Aldo decided he wanted to get a new realtor that knew the market better and was more aggressive with marketing.

His new realtor promised to bring buyers from outside the area who invest in Jersey Shore properties, and market the home better than it was previously.  After a little time went by, the price began to be reduced.  First $439,000, then $429,000, then $425,000, then $418,000, then $399,000, then $389,000, then finally $386,000.  The frustration grew as the price became less and less.  

"I hate brokers! After being on the market for almost two years I was exhausted.  I spent all those days making sure the house was ready to show, and leaving on days when there were Open Houses.  It was tiring, and I was ready to sell and be done with it."

Just a little more time passed, and his listing with broker #2 had EXPIRED.

Red Bank Real Estate Group noticed Aldo's townhouse had expired again, and Jonathan Bowen made the call to Aldo to see how he was doing.  

"I have been humbled by the market Jonathan.  I am ready to listen to you, I want you to come and sell my townhouse."

After meeting with Aldo at his townhouse, he made the decision to put his townhouse on the market with Red Bank Real Estate Group.

"Right from the beginning I noticed a difference with Red Bank Real Estate Group and my other two agents.  Jonathan was confident about the process, reassured me everything would be taken care of... and it was"

From the time Aldo first met with Jonathan there would be almost three weeks before the townhouse would hit the market.  In those three weeks there was a lot going on....

  • Sign was put up, lockbox was put on
  • Townhouse was professionally cleaned
  • Professional photographer came to take pictures
  • Facebook ad campaign was started, 
  • Coming soon ad was placed 
  • Private open house was held.  

"The photos of my townhouse looked incredible!  I couldn't believe how many leads Jonathan and his team got for potential buyers before the house was even listed on the market.  My previous agents didn't market on social media at all!"

Once Aldo's townhouse was on the market the appointment center worked with him to make sure anyone interested in his townhouse would be able.  The appointment center gave Aldo the ability to accept, reject, or reschedule any appointment requests that came in for his townhouse.  The lockbox also uses bluetooth technology to notify Aldo anytime someone accesses the lockbox.

"Red Bank Real Estate Group made it so easy!  Before when I was on the market, I had to speak to the realtor to find out about the appointment and then again if it was confirmed or not.  The appointment center made it much simpler.  It was also great that the lockbox let me know when someone was using it...before I never knew if the showing happened or not!"

After being on the market for 26 days, the Red Bank Real Estate Group found a buyer for Aldo's townhouse at 99% of list price.  Aldo's story is just one of many example of how Red Bank Real Estate Group has helped and continues to help who have tried to sell their home in the past and have no had success.

"I wish Red Bank Real Estate Group could come help me in Brooklyn with my other properties, they made everything so easy!"

Call Jonathan at (908) 907-5635 if you have tried to sell your home in the past with no success, and are ready to enter the market again and sell your home.

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