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11 Reasons You'd Be Crazy to Live in Rumson and Wait Until After the Holidays to Sell Your House

Jonathan "Jon" Bowen
Jul 9 6 minutes read

"I'm just going to wait until after the holidays to sell my house"

As a realtor, this is something that is heard very often at this time of the year.  Although there is never usually a convenient or easy time to sell your house, there certainly are better times than others.  Many people believe the holiday season is stagnant, and there's no one buying houses when its a holiday or a snowy winter day.  This just isn't true!  Below are the 11 Reasons You'd Be Crazy to Live in Rumson and Wait Until After the Holidays to Sell Your House:

#1 Homes Sell Quicker

Below is a chart for the average days on market for houses listed in each month of the year.  The best three months to sell your home are December, January, and April.  Traditionally April and the spring market are known as the best times to sell your house, but this is simply not the case in Rumson.  Homes listed in December sell 19 days quicker than the average!

#2 Interest Rates Drop

Typically, interest rates drop in December and January.  This is an incentive for prospective buyers to purchase your home in December and January when the interest rates are down and they are able to afford more of a house.  Not only does this incentivize buyers for your home, but it will also allow you to afford more of a house or pay less on a monthly basis for the one you already in mind.

#3 Less Competition (Selling)

There are less homes listed in December than any other month.  On average only 8 homes are listed in December in Rumson, and this is compared to the normal average of 20 houses per month.  This means you have less than half the competition you'd normally have!

#4 Wall Street Bonuses

Large financial companies usually give their employees large bonuses in December that are great for using to a buy your house!  Also many other large companies normally transfer employees in January, and this means they are forced to buy a house before they transfer.  If you wait until the spring to sell your house you will miss out on these Wall Street bonus and job transfer prospective buyers that have to move quickly.

#5 Decorated for Holidays

Your house looks great in the winter!  Homes usually show better during the holidays with decorations, roaring fireplaces, smell of cookies baking, and all of the little things that everyone loves about the holidays.

#6  Employers in the Holiday Spirit  

A lot of employers give their employees time off during the holidays, so they have more time to see your home!  The prospective buyers having more time is great because they can see your house, come back for their families approval, and schedule their inspection & appraisal much quicker than other times of the year.

#7  Better Service, Better Results

Real Estate Professionals tend to be less busy during the holidays so they have more time to help you with your move!  With less houses under contract and closing in December, the attorneys, mortgage brokers, inspectors, etc are more available to assist with your transaction.

Throughout the months of December, January, and February there are almost 30% less houses under contract than normal, but that is also balanced with many less houses listed in that same time period than the average.

Throughout the months of December, January, and February there are almost 30% less houses closed than normal.

#8  Holiday Discounts

Remodeling, decorating, appliance installation, and many other home services become more available and at less or a premium.  Many service professionals have slower winter seasons and are willing to be flexible on pricing in order to fill their schedule.

#9  Buyers Are in the Holiday Spirit

Buyers are emotional during the holidays, and when buyers are emotional they are usually willing to pay a higher price, and demand less during inspections.

#10  Less Competition (Buying)

In addition to lower interest rates during the holidays, you will also be competing with less buyers in Rumson in December, January, and February than you would be if you waited until March, April, May, or June.  Historically (in the last decade) if you make your purchase in the earlier months you will be competing against 6 buyers a month on average whereas you'd be competing against an average of 11 buyers a month if you waited until after the holidays.

#11  Convenient Showing Times

During the holidays it is more acceptable to having showing time restrictions.  Everyone understands if you have to take a few days off form showing your house because your family is in town.  If the same showing time restrictions were made in the spring season you have a much greater chance of losing prospective buyers.

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