Below is an overview of the process involved in selling your home with Red Bank Real Estate Group as well as the excellent vendors that we partner with to get your home sold for the best price in the current market.

Pre-Listing Period

Professional photography, both ground and aerial, bringing out the beauty in your house and property to provide buyers with an artistic view of their potential next home.

3D Floorplans and Walkthroughs provide the ability to appeal to out of town buyers that don't have the ability to physically walk through a home.

One of Inc. 500's Fastest Growing Business for Marketing, Facebook Advertising, and Sales Coaching.  Curaytor is the leader in Real Estate Facebook Advertising and streamlines the sales process with a number of sales and marketing tools.

Facebook Advertising
1.37 billion people log into Facebook daily!  We want your home to seen by the most people in order to sell your home at the highest price, and Facebook allows us to do this.

Red Bank Design Center
Shop local.  The RBDC has relationships with local designers, vendors, and staging professionals to help make your home look its best whether its time to sell or not.

Followup Boss
This is the glue that holds the Red Bank Real Estate Group together.  Followup Boss is client management software that makes sure we don't forget about our most important current and past clients, and also manages all leads coming from all of the different sources.

Vendor Referral Network
Our realtors are full-time local professionals that have grown up and lived in the area most of their lives.  This benefits our clients in being able to provide quality referrals to local professionals when work needs to be done getting a house ready to sell, and also to assist in all the different aspects of the real estate transaction.

Listing Period

#1 Real Estate Company in the World!  For many years RE/MAX has sold more houses/properties over the world then any other company.  RE/MAX is also #1 in the United States, New Jersey, and Monmouth County.

Almost every house we sell is placed into Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  The MLS is a portal that allows your home to be seen by all realtors.  It also posts your home listing on Adwerx, CirclePix,, Oodle, Trulia, Wall Street Journal, Xpressdocs, Zillow,, and all real estate branded websites like Sotheby's, Keller Williams, and Weichert.

Zillow bought Trulia in the last year, and is now the largest real estate website, and an app that many buyers use while searching for a home to purchase.  Your home is displayed here for that reason. was the first major real estate website ever, but is now trailing behind Zillow/Trulia for the lead. is directly tied to the MLS, unlike Zillow/Trulia, and is therefor the most accurate when it comes to housing information.  Your home is displayed here for that reason.

What a lifesaver!  ShowingTime is the appointment service used by the Red Bank Real Estate Group.  When your home is on the market you will have complete control over accepting each appointment that is requested.  The ShowingTime app also asks the realtors who show your house for feedback so you know what everyone thinks after they've seen your house.  Another great feature on the app is the ability to set blackout times when your house cannot be shown....perfect if you're planning a party, or having company for the holidays.

Supra Lockbox
Safety is very important, and the reason Red Bank Real Estate Group uses a Supra Lockbox when selling your home.  The Supra Lockbox tracks each showing of your home and sends you a text or email to let you know when the prospective buyers enter and leave your home.

Rolodex of Local Buyers
The result of using Facebook Advertising regularly, and managing each prospective client with Followup Boss is that the Red Bank Real Estate Group has 1,000+ local buyers they communicate with regularly.  One of these prospective buyers might want to purchase your home and make the process very smooth and easy.

Community Content
Another benefit of our realtors being mostly lifetime residents of Monmouth County is that we know the area.  You'll continually see content at that will let you know where to go for coffee, where to go out to eat, or where to find the post office.  All of those things you need to know if you live somewhere, and the local secrets you might know have ever known!

Local & Global Network
Another benefit of being #1 in the world, is that RE/MAX has over 110,000 realtors.  All of these realtors are high producing agents who work with many buyers, and one might want to buy your house.

This might not be a familiar term for you, but you've experienced retargeting if you've ever shopped online and then started seeing those items in ads everywhere you went on the internet.  Red Bank Real Estate Group will place advertisements on Facebook to sell your house, and then have retargeting ads of your house that follow your prospective buyer wherever they go online and Facebook.  The more times a prospective buyer sees your home, the more likely they are to buy it.

Print Marketing
Although newspapers are for the most part worthless in real estate advertising now, there are other print materials with value.  Postcards and letters can be used to target specific areas that are most likely to be interested in purchasing your home.

Offer Submitted to Close

Professional Business Coaching
In addition to college education, the Red Bank Real Estate Group hires coaches for business processes and strategies, as well as participate regularly in professional seminars.  This is an effort to provide our clients the best service possible, while making them the most money for their home possible in the current market.

Professional Real Estate Coaching
There are multiple sources used for real estate coaching at the Red Bank Real Estate Group.  Every week there is different training topics covered and practiced to keep up with the current market and the many factors that can affect it negatively or positively.

Expert Negotiation & Market Knowledge
With 20+ years of local real estate experience, we know the market.  Studying the sales patterns and planned developments in each town allow our realtors to properly price homes, and provide the best real estate advice.  By knowing the sales history and staying current on upcoming developments, the Red Bank Real Estate Group can let our clients know where home values are going up or down in order to make the smartest purchases and sales.

Consistent Communication Throughout
Red Bank Real Estate Group is full time.  Before, during, and after your sale you can count on our realtors to communicate with you when it counts the most.  Throughout your transaction there will be ups and downs and our realtors will be there to provide the proper guidance for every situation.

Dot Loop
Where did I put those papers?  You don't have to worry about that with Red Bank Real Estate Group because we are paperless.  Dotloop allows us to safely electronically sign each of the documents for your transaction, as well as store the documents from the attorney review process.  Dotloop has an app so you can sign documents on your phone from anywhere in the world!

Coordinate Certificate of Occupancy
One of the last steps in selling your home can be very frustrating, so the Red Bank Real Estate Group takes care of it.  We will apply to the town, make sure you have smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc, and be there to meet the inspector for the inspection to make sure the house passes.

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